Welcome- to Zsanett´s blooming world -

Zsanett Rado ist die Gründerin und Designerin von Rado-Design. Als ausgebildete Glasmalerin lag ihr Fokus immer auf den feinen Details dieses besonderen Handwerks.

Hair jewelry design has been her passion and vocation since 2016.

Her philosophy is to create something extraordinary, exquisite and delicate in each piece who bears the unmistakable signature being the hand painted flowers to stand out from the crowd.

About me

My name is Zsanett Rado, im the Founder, Owner and Designer of Rado- Design. Dear ones welcome to my blooming world.

Custom Made

Do you have your own idea for an upcoming event and would like to have your individual hair accessories made?


My "Rosi" and "Happiness" collections include a diverse range of jewelry, such as romantic flower wreaths, hairbands, hair combs, hairpins, and much more.

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